Are You Stupid ? Take a Look See …

If you are a Trumster please read this and answer truthfully.  There are no polls to fill out this is between you and yourself.
There are dozens of things that I could question but only one that I know the facts of and would like to share. Since 1999 I have been writing on the internet regarding climate change. When the Paris Climate Agreement came about I finally felt like people were finally listening if not seeing what is happening to the earth. Then America’s electoral college voted in a new president, Donald J Trump. Things went to shit after that. One of his first moves was to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement because he does not believe there is Climate Change.

This is the first year ever that tornadoes touched down numerous times in my state of Pennsylvania. Right now it is pouring out and has been almost everyday for the past month and it is June. We had one three day period in a very long time with sun. I always felt safe from the ravages of Mother Nature nestled in the hills and valleys but it is a thing of the past and only getting worse.  It doesn’t matter if the economy goes up a little bit when there is no earth to live on, Or when your place of business is destroyed by an act of God. If you care about your family and a future of any kind you should watch the documentary Ice on Fire.

The part that really scared me was the time lapse video of the changes in the Arctic. My test for anyone voting for Trump is to watch this documentary and see how you feel afterward.

I only have a trailer of Ice on Fire for you to see here. I hope you find a way to watch the entire movie.

This is just a quick view of the ice caps over since 1991 – biggest changes in later years
Gone before estimated