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The Cat Shop is a place where you will find a variety of products that are related to our feline friends. I love to share all the wonderful items I find. Those that I really like get a boost on this page. Leatherwood Design is all about print on demand designs a/k/a POD items. This includes all my shops on ZazzleĀ andĀ CafepressĀ 

black cat running gif

Cat and Butterfly Curiosity Garden Statue

cat yard statue

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Interior Cat/Pet Door Hidden Litter Box

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Cat Lantern Solar Accent Light StatueCat with Lantern Solar Statue

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Beware of Cat Doormat
Ā beware of cat door mat

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Junkyard Metal Ā Sleepy Cat Pot Holder

Cat Standing 19 inches high Topiary Frame
cat topiary





Embroidered Cat Caps