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Unusual Mommy Cat Diva Misses Drinking Her Buddies Collectible Figurines

These are just too cute. They will make great collection items for the cat lover. When I researched these I found the sexy mommy cat and all I could think is that the new mommy can no longer go out and party with her sexy kitty girlfriends. She has given up the cocktail glass for a milk bottle. All moms out there can totally relate. This is just an awesome collection of feline sexiness. The new mommy cat is not made by the same artist as the others but it fits in this group too perfectly to leave it out.
Each cat in the glass is dressed in 1920 flapper themed attire with sentiment to match their color and breed
Amazingly Cute Kitty Cats

Hot Foot Lava Flip Flops match at The Shower Curtain

Summer is the time to get out and enjoy the sun and do some swimming. Weather you are swimming in a private of public pool you can feel great when you look great. These cool lava look flip flops were designed with the heat in mind.

This is a fun pair of flip flops. Be careful you don’t burn your feet with these cool novelty hot bubbling lava flip flops.

Hot Foot Lava Flip Flops Flip Flops The Shower Curtain.