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Who Says that’s Garbage? – Cool Recycled Art

Some of the unique work done with recycled material. This form of art is becoming very popular today.

Recycled cans – artist Subodh Gupta
Machinery/Electronic – artist Ann Smith
  Plastic bottles – artist Aurora Robson
 Aluminum can tabs – artist Miriam Gray
 Used cigarette filters – artist Tom Deininger
 Tax forms and political mail artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold
 Mainly motorcycle parts artist RoboSteel
 Crushed beer cans – artist Paul Villinski

Newspapers artist Nick Georgiou 

 Worn out household items artist Sayaka

 Recycled tires artist Yong Ho Ji
 Buttons artist Jane Perkins

Lottery Tickets by Ghost of Dreams
Discarded clothing artist Guerra de la Paz