Photographs of Black Animals – A Halloween Treat

These great photographs are for viewing and identification purposes .I am asking viewers to please add a comment and link if they know who took any of the photos. Photos will be removed at artists request. In the meantime enjoy today’s post. I was going to do a layout on just black cats and found that a much more interesting post would include a variety of animals that are black.


Now we are going to begin with ……


Bigger Cat – Leopard
 They scared this cat
OK This isn’t too scary a Fish
Spider Monkey
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Who Says that’s Garbage? – Cool Recycled Art

Some of the unique work done with recycled material. This form of art is becoming very popular today.

Recycled cans – artist Subodh Gupta
Machinery/Electronic – artist Ann Smith
  Plastic bottles – artist Aurora Robson
 Aluminum can tabs – artist Miriam Gray
 Used cigarette filters – artist Tom Deininger
 Tax forms and political mail artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold
 Mainly motorcycle parts artist RoboSteel
 Crushed beer cans – artist Paul Villinski

Newspapers artist Nick Georgiou 

 Worn out household items artist Sayaka

 Recycled tires artist Yong Ho Ji
 Buttons artist Jane Perkins

Lottery Tickets by Ghost of Dreams
Discarded clothing artist Guerra de la Paz

Surreal Artwork Photographs of Some Great Art

I was looking at some of my favorite art style and thought it might help to have what I found easily accessible for anyone searching for surreal artwork. I am a great admirer of the unusual and have done many photo layout here of different styles, mediums and artists. If you are a blogger and would like to post articles that are similar in subject matter message me.

Woman with a Head of Roses, c.1935 – Salvador Dali
Reflection Of Elephants by Salvador Dali

Pumpkin Art: Photographs of Uniquely Carved Pumpkins

Which is your favorite? Add your choice in a comment below

It’s time to start choosing a pumpkin to carve. I was searching the net for some pumpkin carving ideas – here are some of my favorites.


by ~l-eh


by *Brendus


by ~Jenserai


by ~kenklinker


by ~kenklinker





by ~masonfetzer