This Book Belongs to Animal Stickers

Cute animal sticker that is perfect on books for any age group. A great way to keep your kids happy knowing who belongs to each book. No more fights that begin with the words ‘ That’s Mine !! ‘

Cute Shark Custom Bookplate Template for Kids StickersCute Shark Custom

Cat and books name square stickerCat and square sticker

Horse in Winter Bookplate StickersHorse in Winter

BL- This book belongs to: parrot stickerThis book belongs to:

cute penguin BOOKPLATE book label Round Stickercute penguin

Isidore and his Animals Book StickerIsidore and his Animals

Cute European Robin and Bee, Garden  Book Plate Round StickerCute European Robin

Cute Vintage Bunny Customizable Book Plate Square StickersCute Vintage Bunny

Cute puppy dog animal cartoon bookplate square stickerCute puppy dog animal

Jungle Pals Bookplate Square StickerJungle Pals Bookplate

Graffiti Goth MiPhone iPhone 6 Casse Pre Order

Graffiti Goth MiPhone – New iPhone 6 case ready for pre order

Comes in 3 styles

Contoured precisely to fit the iPhone 6, this case features a hard shell plastic exterior and shock absorbing liner to protect your device.

  • Shock absorbing flexible liner for an added layer of protection
  • Impact resistant, durable hard plastic
  • Lay-flat bezel to protect your screen from directly contacting surfaces
  • Access to all ports, controls & sensors
  • Customize with your images, designs, and text
  • Glossy finish
  • Printed in the USA
  • Dimensions subject to change

Shoot And Kill Animal Poachers Legal Order in Indian State

It’s Legal To Shoot And Kill Animal Poachers, Indian State Orders | STOP ANIMAL ABUSE

NEW DELHI — A state in western India has declared war on animal poaching by allowing forest guards to shoot hunters on sight in an effort to curb rampant attacks on tigers and other wildlife.

The government in Maharashtra says injuring or killing suspected poachers will no longer be considered a crime.

Forest guards should not be “booked for human rights violations when they have taken action against poachers,” Maharashtra Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam said Tuesday. The state also will send more rangers and jeeps into the forest, and will offer secret payments to informers who give tips about poachers and animal smugglers, he said.

No tiger poachers have ever been shot in Maharashtra, though cases of illegal loggers and fishermen being shot have led to charges against forest guards, according to the state’s chief wildlife warden, S.W.H. Naqvi.

But the threat could act as a significant deterrent to wildlife criminals, conservationists said. A similar measure allowing guards to fire on poachers in Assam has helped the northeast state’s population of endangered one-horned rhinos recover.

“These poachers have lost all fear. They just go in and poach what they want because they know the risks are low,” said Divyabhanusinh Chavda, who heads the World Wildlife Fund in India and is a key member of the National Wildlife Board, which advises the prime minister. In many of India’s reserves, guards are armed with little more than sticks.

India faces intense international scrutiny over its tiger conservation, as it holds half of the world’s estimated 3,200 tigers in dozens of wildlife reserves set up since the 1970s, when hunting was banned.

Illegal poaching remains a stubborn and serious threat, with tiger parts in particular fetching high prices on the black market because of demand driven by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

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