Funny Halloween Shower Curtain Big Savings

Funny Halloween Shower Curtain 

I just had to share this great shower curtain.  It is a bit early to be thinking of Halloween but I love this spooky holiday and am always finding designs that do it justice.

This cool bathroom decoration will be a definite conversation piece in any home.  I hear this on the TV everyday ” I’ve fallen and I can’t get Up ” .  Looks like this guy didn’t have an alert necklace.

Halloween Shower Curtain

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Gold Door Mouse Blanket Wrap > Golden Mouse Lounge Wear

Gold Door Mouse Blanket Wrap > Golden Mouse > Leatherwood Bedroom Shop

Such a cute little gold field mouse.

field mouse blanket wrap

The real reason dinosaurs went extinct was their inability to use their arms. This blanket wrap is the multi-tasker’s dream come true and a must have for all homes. Whether it’s watching TV while munching on snacks or chatting on the phone while surfing the web, do it all in the warmth and coziness of this thermo plush blanket. This blanket wrap has sleeves and pockets for you to conveniently stash your phone, remote, or hands.

Comes in two sizes:

  • Adult blanket w/ sleeves and pockets 180cm x 137cm
  • Kids blanket w/ sleeve and pockets 137cm x 106cm