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Can Kratom Stave Off Covid-19?

My take on this article and science is that it will not hurt to take Kratom. I already do and I am glad that is the case. It gets rid of my depression completely and the way I feel still amazes me. Just a quick link if you would like to try Kratom yourself. I highly recommend it if it is legal in your area.

Is it true that Kratom can stave off Covid-19?
Right now, I think we could all use some good news.
This is a really cool article not only for the kratom industry but also for helping ward off Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus).
A doctor at the Tanjungpura University in Indonesia recently gave an interview about “the diversity of tropical plants in West Kalimantan (that) have a lot of compounds that can strengthen the immune system and ward off coronavirus” (Lalu, 20). Dr. Thamrin Usman is a professor of chemistry and chemical analysis.
Among many other Tropical Plants from West Kalimantan, Dr. Usman makes it clear that kratom (mitragyna Speciosa) contains a good amount of compounds that can strengthen the immune system and keep the coronavirus at bay.
Kratom, which hails from the same plant family as coffee, has been used for its benefits since the 19th century. Kratom contains a special compound known as chloroquine or Cq, that research shows is powerfully combative against the coronavirus. There are many viruses that can be harmful to humans and Cq could be a type of master key that protects against all of them.

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Can Kratom Stave Off the Coronavirus – Covid-19


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