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The Easy Workout Gear Stationary Bike Set

The Easy Workout Gear

A cute and cool outfit to keep you going on your exercise bike.  Even if you’re at home it is best to have a complete outfit to make you look as good as your making yourself. Keep the fashion in step with the outcome.

Zumba Fitness Women’s  Racerback Athletic Top

fitness top


Alo Yoga Sweat It Trunk Short – Women’s


workout shorts

New Balance Women’s WW665 Walking Shoe


walking sneakers



Spinner Fit Authentic Indoor Cycle by Mad Dogg – Spin Bike with Four Spinning DVDs

spin bike

Amazing Designs – Need Gifts or Just Love Eye Candy

I hope you stop by if not to purchase anything just to view all of my wonderful work. There are some amazing photographs which can be seen at Inspired Ambitions and if you love fractals well you found a place to see dozens of, if I may say so myself, amazing fractal work. All the work done in each of these stores was done by me – Marisa Horn a/k/a kashmier, the faceplate owner.

I am also an antique dealer of photographs – All-Vintage-Photographs

And as if I don’t already have enough on my plate I am starting out in the world of marketing. Mainly because I found a product I believe in that everyone needs and uses each day making it a perfect target for the marketing world.  MPB Today.

My Zazzle Design Shops
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banner Family of the
banner Mousepads
Design Sneakers
Kids Design
Fractal Play

I Heart Shirts

Halloween Stuff

I was shocked when I checked my email and one of my Halloween designs sold today. I am still thinking summer. I figured I would put together a bunch of designs that are Halloween inspired for you all to enjoy. Click on the image to see an enlargement or purchase from dozens of quality items with this or other Halloween designs on them.
Choose from the following products.

# T-Shirts # Embroidery # Pet Clothing – New!
# Custom Stamps # Skateboards # Custom Shoes
# Prints & Posters # Greeting Cards # Mugs
# Mouse pads # Buttons # Magnets
# Bumper Stickers # Postcards

One great thing to do is get cards and add matching postage stamps.

Some lucky kids will get to partake in these neat items. Matching shoes with bags and hoodies / shirts.

An ultimate combination of items that are both quality and something the kids will look at over and over again. I had a bad Trick or Treat night once and now I see what I needed to take it from yuck to a positive and fun event. I have 3 brothers and I am the youngest, the only girl, one year I was so happy to go as a ghost but little did I know that not having the correct foot wear could prove disastrous and it did. I tripped not once, not twice but a few times and every fall cost me both scrapped knees and lost treats 🙁 That was the ultimate bummer. Because I insisted on carrying a plastic pumpkin to carry my stash I lost half of it. The other thing I recall about Halloween was it just getting dark and mom announcing that the coats would have to go on because it was tooo cold out. Well that just threw another wrench into the whole enchanted evening, So here is my contribution to our youth and my favorite holiday ……. Cool sneakers to ground the kids, a matching bag that is easy to carry,is really roomy for all that booty and here comes the best part. IT ZIPS CLOSE ……… And to keep mom happy there is a matching Hoodie to finish off the set. No more rotten Halloween nights with this collection at HALLOWEEN STUFF.

More great designs on Zazzle –

Design personalized gifts at Zazzle.