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All Design Shops and Vintage Photograph ports are under the hub of Leatherwood Design

One year while at a local fair in North East Pennsylvania called the Bloomsburg Fair my husband Dean and I decided to purchase a burnt wood sign for your home and Leatherwood is the name we chose to put on this quaint rustic sign.

I actually heard Leatherwood on a little 45 record by Ozark Mountain Daredevils. In the song the words Never Be Blue seemed like a perfect statement on how we wanted it to be at our home. Aside from the usual money problems Leatherwood has lived up to its name as it is now used to join all my design shops.

All design shops includes inspired ambitions

>Inspired Ambitions is my first design shop and has a variety of work form fractal design to photographs on dozens of products. It is a great place to see a bit of designs from all my shops …


desing shops include hat shop toppings

Take the Case is a specialized design shop that is dedicated to what other than electronic design cases. New products are being introduced all the time and you will find things like Mac Book Sleeves and Rickshaw planners and messenger bags also. If you see a design that is not on a product you want just send a message and it will be remedied.

You can message me here or join me on Twitter or through one of my Fan Pages on facebook.

Fancy House is one of my newest design shops. When Zazzle started to introduce things for the home like wrapped canvas art, pillows and kitchenware I decided that these items needed a place of their own and Fancy House is where you will find them.

Matching designs for all your home products will keep thing pleasing to see.


Toppings is a great design shop I started on a whim and it has kept growing steadily. It is the easiest of my shops to maintain simply because it is dedicate to one item only. Hats, embroidered caps with a variety of slogans, names, occupations, humor and even ready to be customized by you. Buy in bulk and save …. and what is best about the bulk purchases is that you can mix and match any designs you want. Have an idea or a saying you want on a hat and you got it.


Eye Heart is a designĀ  shop I made from a single creative inspiration. Seems like there are times that I can’t contain myself when an idea hits and this was one of those times. This shop can truly be never ending. I am sorry to say that I have not added anything in quite awhile. I can go a million ways but I decided to go slow. I am just waiting for someone to tell me they want something made. If you decide you would like a design I will make it for you and it will be available for your approval in the store. If you want a one of a kind design I will make that too but there will be a design cost. I will email you the large file format so you can have it to use anytime. I hope there are people out there that would like me to design for them I just love a challenge.


Leatherwood Business Cards

This is my newest design shop. I had a creative burst and made some rather nice, occupation and hobby specific templates.

Photos /Theater / Mechanic / Beautician / Tap Dance / Ballet / Jazz / Island / Sail Boat / Baking / FishingĀ 

includingĀ  great floral and geometric templates.

For now that is it and just like my other shop I am ready and willing to design on request.


Booby Bird” is one of my very first fractal designs. I have not been able to make him popular even though he really does deserve to be. A beautiful design that is really kid friendly and comes in colors for all


How I started selling on the net

I fell in love with old photographs and provided them to all kinds of people including museums, writers and even to a movie studio. Most of my sales were done through eBay but the fees and the rules at eBay just kept getting higher and more complicated in that order. I finally had to close my store there and try to continue with my work however I can. I have had a shop All Vintage Photographs on for quite awhile but it never quite caught on like eBay so I have been putting more time into my own design work. You can visit my Vintage Photographs fan page on facebook to follow the wide variety of the past that I come across and share or that I have to sell.