There are Special Places for People Like You

The last thing he heard were shouts of his grieving flock in the distance as he lay in the room where he was to take his final breath. “There are special places for people like you”. He smiled at the thought of his congregation gathered to say farewell knowing he would soon enter into the arms of the Lord .

Charles Shepler spent his time on earth fighting for those that would never be heard. He was instrumental in the final passage of the abortion laws in the United States. It was a long journey but finally there would be no more abortions for any reason. Right before he fell ill there was a case involving a young woman who was raped and she became the subject of the toughest section in the new abortion laws to overcome. She like so many others wanted an abortion and because of the circumstances felt justified in doing so. She was just denied having any procedure to end the life of the being inside her and due to his illness he could not attend the final court appeals. That was now part of “another life” so to say. He was now on an entirely new journey to his final place with the Lord.

Charles found himself in a whirl of some sort of fluid thinking that after death he was sure there would be no senses. No feelings as it where. No one really knew what death was to be until they were experiencing it as he was now and it was much different than what he had expected. He became used to his surroundings and found it quite comfortable. There was no hunger or need to relieve himself but there were no other souls and that made him just a bit uneasy but with time this too passed. How long have I been dead he thought and when will I meet my maker or at least one of his representatives. Many believed that after death there was nothing but now he knew the truth. One goes on into the next life just as he believed his entire life.

While Charles was in a suspended state his fate was being decided. His time would come after only 7 earth months and that was when Charles finally realized that the chanting outside his final place was not that of his congregation but that of the mother of the young girl forced to have the child of rape. It did not matter with the new laws that she was raped nor did it matter that the baby tested positive for a disfiguring disease making taking it to term a high risk to the mother. He did not know that the young girl was rushed to the hospital to have her baby and it did not survive nor did he know that the girl died in child birth. He was about to know what hells the children he forced to live were going through as he would be born in just a few days stricken with a terminal case of infant xxxxxxxxx. His case would not lead to death though he was going to live a long, lonely, moneyless life with this painful and dabilitating disease in his Special Place.