Shopping Help and Direction along with Design Requests

To all my friends and followers this is regarding Leatherwood Design shops. I am working tirelessly to add new designs to the ever growing amount of products at Zazzle.
I also have shops on Cafepress including:

Lwood Critters
Just A Minute Clock Shop
The Shower Curtain
Fun Designated Drinker Shop

I hope you check out what I have to offer before deciding to go elsewhere. It can be hard  navigating all my shops and locating what you are looking for.  I will help you to locate items  you can put any questions in the comment section of this post.

I will do everything in my power to direct you to what you need.
Also, At this time I am accepting request for designs at little extra cost. If I am able to reuse a design in any of my shops the fee will be waved as a Holiday gift from me to you.
***Leave a comment if you would like a special design so we can get started ASAP to ensure you get your products in time for the holidays.

Some of my Zazzle shops include:

Inspired Ambitions –  Variety
Toppings – Baseball Caps
Take the Case – Electronic Skins / Cases
Fancy House – Home Products
Eye Heart – New Twist on Old Design
Christmas House

There are also contact links and message links in all of the stores please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help you. You can also leave feedback.

If you visit any of my shops / stores I would greatly appreciate it if you would press the ‘Like’ button in the left sidebar.

Some sales offers can be found on my facebook fan page when you ‘Like’ it

Thank you
I look forward to working with you, Weather I am helping you navigate to the products you are interested in or I am designing an original piece for you

Marisa Horn aka Kahmier
Like the song by Led Zeppelin

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