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Rainbow of Color Coffee Mugs from Zazzle.com

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Rainbow of Color Coffee Mugs created by kahmier. This design is available on coffee mugs, travel mugs, steins


Marisa Ives-Horn‘s insight:

This is just perfect I love the bright colors and the way the black gives them an added pop. This is available on a number of mugs including driving mugs

See on www.zazzle.com

Stephen King and Why I Love His Books


I don’t just love his books, his movies are almost as good as the books. This is because no movie is produced without his go ahead.

Stephen King

This is a really scary book. If you are afraid of clowns you don’t want this one. Just look at the dental work of this guy :)
Read more to see which of Stephen Kings books is my favorite and why. Plus there are some great videos including one of Stephen King doing stand up comedy. It is a speech of sorts but I laughed a lot.

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IT by Stephen King

Release date: August 7, 1987
1104 pages