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Another Week of Photo Aditions

I have spent the better part of today tweaking this page and learning how to do the CSS template. I like the way you can work with it here because you can easily preview your changes without saving you work. In the old days I had to save my code to the clipboard before being able to see it. If I screwed something up I would have to delete and re paste what I saved. I am still not familiar with this code, I was just getting the hang of HTML. Hence I have not done any work on my photographs but I did add some great picture slide shows here. For both vintage photographs and some of my work at Inspired Ambitions. T shirts only but there are dozens of products available.
If you are wondering about the photo displays you can get your own at

Making the Art Your Friend

I have been working on selling photographs for so many years that they have become my dearest friend. The more time you spend searching and scanning old black and white photographs the more you see and learn. It has become a daily learning experience in both recognizing the general decade of a photo and picking out the subject matter that make a photo more desirable.

It seems like everyone, not just the die hard collector love photos with cats and or dogs in them. Most any animal is looked for. Cars are also something that is desirable. After six years of appraising thousand of different photos with cars in them I am still not very good when it comes to giving the correct model and or make. If there is a license plate I can make out, the year is usually a given :)

I was thinking that I could do some self teaching on this topic and use this forum to share the information and perhaps get some information from anyone who comes by or wants to study these fantastic machines with me.

I am pretty good with dogs – I have a book and the internet at my fingers to research them and have been doing that for years. Again the automobile just passed me by. The fact that my brothers were always in the garage as we grew is of little help. I have a large group of photos taken at a car show here in Pottsville Pa a long time ago and I figured I would start with those. I will be scanning many of them to put at auction on ebay anyway so this can be a two part experiment for me. And learning is always my favorite past time.

If this works out I will try to do something similar with the dogs. I don’t know how the blog works. Is it best to keep this one going or should I make a separate blog for this.
Thinking about it and I guess that 2 blogs would make it easier for anyone who might be interest in the subject matter. Not to mention I confuse easily.