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Does eBay Customer Service Have A Clue?

I do not think that the in the eBay corporation the right hand knows what the left is doing. I was no longer allowed to sell at auction and all 600+ of my listings, a few at auction and most in my store were ended.
I was told this was due to what they determined were shill bidding seen with a second account. First let me say that there was no shill bidding going on. Why would I hurt my account when I do not list very much at auction anyway. That is neither here nor there. I had to do an on line tutorial and was not allowed to list at auction for 14 days. I did not really care since I list very little at auction anyway. But I was upset that all my store items were closed and I had to pay listing fees a second time to get them back up.

Next I found that I was not able to find any of my items and would have to rescan hundreds of photos and do all the work of listing each one over. This got me a bit upset and I went ahead and phoned them. I got an apology and my items were put back up so I could get the photos and info. Two weeks went by and during that time I got a phone call from eBay telling me about a new pricing thing they are doing and that it would benefit a seller like me. I looked it over and found that it just might so I signed up for it, it will be costing me nearly $50 a month instead of the $16 I am now paying for my store. I then got a form in the mail with a certificate welcoming me to the Power Seller program which was nice. I really never saw a reason to be in this program but now that I am a Top Rated Seller it allows me to remain so and get a percentage off my final value fees which is one of the things that made signing up for the new pricing program worth while. A day after I got the certificate in the mail I got an email telling me that I have been removed from the Power Seller Program and that is required for me to keep my Top Rated Seller badge. Now I don’t know if anyone at eBay has a clue what is going on. I sure don’t and I do not like the headaches this is causing me. I wish that they would get back to me and let me know if this is going to be fixed.

An upset 10 year ebayer


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Vintage Photographs #2

I am just adding some more of the vintage photographs I found on my computers.

More to come, if there is something specific you would like to see leave a comment. Otherwise I will be loading this in the order they are found.
I will be adding more so please check back.
You will always find a great variety of original photographs at All Vintage Photographs along with weekly mark down.

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I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, remember no mail on Feb. 15th.


Ebay listings Update


I just wanted to let you know that I have successfully entered nearly 500 vintage photographs to my eBay store. I am still suspended from the auctions but they were never a big part of my business. I also have to say that I got found dozens of photos that were in my inventory but no longer showing up for sale. I was able to weed these out and either put photo lot together or flag them to be re-listed.

You will be pleasantly surprised by my current inventory and I will be adding things daily.

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How to install Java over Firefox 3.6 – EASY

I updated my Firefox browser to 3.6 when a lot of the browser window started showing broken frames. I hate changing it but you simply have to at one point or another. After a while using FF 3.6 I finally admitted to myself that I was not going any farther without updating Java. This was where the problem came in. I went to the Java site and it started explaining that you need to load the Java update before updating to FF 3.6. Well I already had FF 3.6 and I could not find help or easy instructions on how to add the Java.

I finally decided I was going to uninstall FF 3.6 – upload the Jave and reinstall FF but I first had to download the Java and it was not doable using the Firefox version. What I did was download the newest version of Java using a different browser, IE. Then on a whim and because it seemed like it would be so much easier if it worked I just opened Firefox and tried a game site that needed Java and it works. I don’t know how long it will work for but it works.

I did go into tool>add-ons> and removed any java plug-ins before I started all this. I don’t know if that is needed but I guess I would recommend you do this.

Let me know if this works for you.