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Cat Yard Decor

Beautiful and fun these products are perfect for you yard or garden. Cat Yard Decor introduces whimsical statues and equally fun bird feeders. Yard flags and more are all designed with loving felines.  These cute cats will brighten up your backyard and put a smile on your face. Garden accents and bird feeders are a few of the fun things for outdoor decorating.

I have chosen only items with high customer reviews

 Design Toscano Loving Friend Memorial Pet Cat Statue


Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Cat Stacks Outdoor Statue : Rabbit Statue  

Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Cat Stacks Outdoor Statue

This super cute statue has become the best seller that I have listed and it is easy to see why. So Cute !!!!! Last night we had visitors that were doing similar things. Mama Raccoon and her three babies.


Resting Cat Stone Whimsical Garden Accent

Made of lightweight resin with wire whiskers and coiled tail, a bird friend on the kitty cats head. Measures 9″ wide x 4.5″ high x 4.5″ deep. Makes a great accent piece for your garden decor, and a decorative gift for cat lovers! At the time of posting $24.00

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Cat Open Mouth with Food Skewer Feeder Ball

This design is true to the nature of most cats.  You can use a block of suet bird food and skewer it to look like a hungry cat with big teeth will chomp down on any visitors. I hope the birds don’t miss out on a treat because this scares them :). The black and white of a Tuxedo Cat.



Bronze-Colored Cat and Mouse Sculpture

This great yard sculpture is whether proof. Cute little mouse and cat.



Ancient Graffiti Yellow Cat Ceramic Bird Feeder

Yellow cat bird feeder. An artistic design sets this feeder apart from all others. It will add a magical look to your backyard.

Ancient Graffiti Yellow Cat Ceramic Bird Feeder



Kitten Stake Bird Feeder

  • Stake Feeder With Cream-Colored Kitten
  • Kitten is peeking into the brown feeder, holding onto the side
  • Resin with metal stake
  • Weather durable
  • Stakes easily into your lawn or flowerbed





A selection of different style bird feeders
 More Bird Feeders

  • Ground
  • Hopper  
  • Hummingbird  
  •  Platform  
  •  Suet  
  • Tube
  •   Window